ESTD. 1934

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Bazme Khawateen

Precident of BAZM-E-KHAWATIN

All India Taleem Ghar & Bazme Khawateen was Bazme Khawateen was established in 1934 and is registered under the Society Act Regd. No. 874/83-84 and Foreign Contribution Regulation Act No. 136550283.

Acts & Objects

  1. To upgrade the state of poor and downtrodden women. It is also aimed for exposing the talents of women to prove that they are not less than anybody.
  2. To ignite imposing inspiration of education among them by providing them with basic education.
  3. To help the poor and needy to stand on their feet and become financially independent .
  4. To established and run educational institutions, destitute women home, orphanage, hospital, dispensaries, old age home etc. For helping poor and needy.
  5. To do all other work of general welfare.
  6. To unite the women and produce of love and unity that we are all Indian.

During the last Six decades there has been tremendous increase in the number of poor , orphans , widows , patient , disabled and needy women among the Muslims in India .Muslims constitute 13.4 percent of the population of our beloved country .This is definitely a reason of serious concern .In numerable widows and poor ladies live under pathetic conditions of want and squalor .Tens of thousands girls in large numbers stare into the eyes of their poor parents anxiously to get married .A large number of young woman are losing their morals .A big chunk of very young population do not have access to education despite having intellectual capacity to do so.

Bazm-E-Khawateen efforts are now an organized ongoing process reviving the unfortunate continuously year after year under the supervision of the president .Yet thousand of helpful are still looking towards the Bazm which being conscious of their pain finds itself capacitated to help them for want of resources.