ESTD. 1934

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All India Taleem Ghar

All India Taleem Ghar was introduced & began functioning its Urdu Teaching certificate as on July 1978. It was first recognized by U.P. Govt in 1984 and 1994. In 2001 uttaranchal govt. Appointed UTC teacher and how in 2009 Bihar govt. appointed our pupil teacher in majority. Recently Punjab govt. announced the recognition of UTC in Punjab.

The AITG has been conceived as a major intervention for restructuring and strengthening of teacher education, both pre-service an in –service .Its function is to provide academic resource support to elementary education in the distinct concerned. Although the major focus is on in – service education, the responsibility to provide per services teacher education to a limited number of trainees has also been entrusted to the AITGs. The matter relating to content of pre- service teacher training programme in AITG has been engaging the attention of educationists for quite some time in the past. In some states , the old JBT syllabus has been introduced either in to or with minor modification .The elementary teacher education curriculum guidelines and syllabi brought out by NCERT in 1991 have been introduced in the AITGs in some states .

The feedback obtained about its implementation has revealed that there are many gaps and overlapping in some subjects. The Syllabus, Over ambitious in some subjects, is beyond the capacity of a teacher trainee at the elementary stage, Above all, the programme is organised on traditional lines which allows organisation of the entire programme in the form of some ‘papers’ to be covered by the teachers and students in two years .It is, therefore, imperative to review and reformulate teacher education curriculum to provide effective professional education to prospective teachers.