ESTD. 1934

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Curriculum Structures

The content of elementary UTC Teacher education programme must emerge from the roles and functions of an elementary school teacher and should have the potential to prepare the trainees to handle effectively the elementary school curriculum from standard I to VIII.

Keeping in view the teacher’s role, the programme comprises of different types of courses, which may be categorised as under:

  • Foundation Courses and Other Related Areas
  • Pedagogical Courses in Different School Subjects
  • School Experiences Programme (S.E.P)
  • Practical Work

Education is closely linked with many disciplines. In fact, its basic concepts have roots in other disciplines like Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology. Therefore, to understand different process of education, one must have understanding of these disciplines, specially their implications in education .The major function of these courses is to enable the prospective teachers to develop insight into priorities and problems of learning processes. It is presumed that the concept incorporated in these courses will equip the trainees to organise teaching learning process in schools in right perspectives.

The Curriculum offers the following courses :

I. Foundation Courses & Other Related Areas

  1. Sociological Perspective of Education
  2. Child Development
  3. School Experiences Programme (S.E.P)
  4. Process of Children's Learning
  5. Guidance and Counselling
  6. School organisation and Management
  7. Early Childhood Care Education
  8. Education of Children with Disabilities
  9. Non-formal and Adult Education
  10. Value Education

II. Pedagogical Courses in Different School Subjects

  1. Teaching of Mother Tongue (Hindi, Urdu)
  2. Teaching of Mathematics
  3. Teaching of Environmental Studies (Sciences)
  4. Teaching of Environmental Studies (Social Studies)
  5. Teaching of Work Experience
  6. Teaching of Art Education
  7. Teaching of Health and Physical Education
  8. Teaching of English Language

III. School Experience Programme

IV.Practical Work

  1. Co- Curricular
  2. Community Work
  3. Games and Sports

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